April 1, 2014

New Website coming soon!

Very very soon, mikepnelson.com will have a new home! This tumblr blog will still exist as rockfordroadpictures.com for all you hardcore fans out there…anyone? Ok, fine.

January 17, 2014

Hey Ocean Music Video is up on Video Static!

The summer of 2013 consisted mainly of eating, sleeping, and working on the music video for Hey Ocean’s “If I Were A Ship.” The video was directed by my wife, Katie Maren Nelson and it was just exclusively released on Video Static today along with a write up and a response from the band! Back in August I posted a little blurb about the piece along with some behind the scenes stills. The entire video was made by only four people. I was an animator, designer, and compositor on the film.

Watch it here!

Directed by Katie Maren Nelson

Crew: Holly Thorstad, Emily Fritze and Mike P. Nelson


December 17, 2013

Like a Rolling Stone: Hot Since 82 music video “Shadows” is up on Rollingstone.com

For the past couple months I have been cutting for Minneapolis Director Daniel Cummings of Picture Machine Productions. It’s been a pretty awesome experience. I started out in the Fall of 2013 cutting the newest Wolfgang Gartner and Tommy Trash video for "Hounds of Hell." Right after finishing that, I started cutting the Hot Since 82 video for “Shadows.” Just today, RollingStone.com premiered the video.

Watch: Hot Since 82 - “Shadows” video

Directed by Daniel Cummings

Shot By Andre Durand

Produced by Eric Pierson

Edited by Mike P. Nelson

Production Design by Aaron Schmoll


October 28, 2013

Click here for Spot #2

Back a couple months ago I produced and directed 2 spots at MAKE with Skar Advertising for Nebraska Lottery. Both spots were shot in a day out in Ashland, NE on the Epic with a wonderful Nebraska production crew!

Agency: SKAR

Production: MAKE

Director and Editor: Mike P. Nelson

DP: Troy McCall

VFX Supervisor: Danny Robashkin

VFX: Tyson Ibele, Aaron Dabelow, Josh Clos, Romain Faure, Mike Zugschwert

October 18, 2013

Here’s that Wolfgang Gartner Tommy Trash Music Video I cut. Thanks to Daniel Cummings of Picture Machine Production and Eric Pierson for the gig.

Directed by Daniel Cummings

Cinematography by Andre Durand

Edited by Mike P. Nelson


October 15, 2013

Here is a little promo piece I cut for the latest Tommy Trash/Wolfgang Gartner tour; the HOUNDS OF HELL. I also just finished cutting the Hounds of Hell video. Stay tuned for that within the next few days.

Directed by Daniel Cummings

Shot by Andre Durand

Edited by Mike P. Nelson

October 2, 2013

At last, here is the Hastings 3000: Speed of Light music video I worked on. I was editor and miniature fx supervisor and compositor. Special thanks to Patrick Pierson, Katie Maren Nelson, Daniel Broadway, Nick Junkersfeld, Eric Pierson and Emily Fritze! You were an amazing crew!

August 26, 2013

Getting Lost in the “Ocean.” Gambling with Aliens. Shiny gas masks.

Here we go again. Radio silence. Dropped off the face of the earth. Static. Where the hell has Mike P. Nelson been for the past month(s). Here goes…

Back in July I took a little road trip with the guys at MAKE and DP Troy McCall to direct a Nebraska Lottery commercial for Pick 5 tickets. Fun shoot. Great talent. Stellar crew. I give immediate props to our Art Director Wes Clowers for just being A1 legit in every regard and our gaffer and grip team Craig Ladwig and Barry Joyce. Damn good. We closed down a gas station out in Ashland, NE and shot two spots in a day. The local paper even wrote a little article on the shoot. Shot on Epic with Zeiss Super Speed glass. All visual effects done in house at MAKE. I’ll post the commercials soon.





In other news, I have been a creative, animator and compositor on the most recent music video for the Canadian based band, Hey Ocean! for their new single “If Were A Ship" off of there "IS" album. The video is directed by my wife and partner in crime, Katie Maren Nelson. The video is almost all stop motion animation and visual effects and should be completed sometime this week. Look for that in the near future.



I also wrapped on the Hastings 3000 music video I was telling you all about a while back. Here is a sneak peak at the music video directed by Patrick Pierson. I was lead in the miniature VFX department and editor. Look for this in September!

And finally…just to keep you all in suspense, here is just a little teaser for the next official Mike P. Nelson project…


June 19, 2013

A behind the scenes look at the Kids Need To Read shoot. Directing children is so fun. Exhausting fun.

June 3, 2013

Kids Need To Read: PSA Shoot

So last Tuesday I was at Studio 1414 in NE once again for a MAKE shoot. This time is was a PSA shoot for Kids Need To Read, a National organization committed to getting good books to kids who need them.  It was the most kids I have ever worked with at one time. One would describe it as exhausting. I would agree, but it was also so much fun. And the talent was just amazing. I have yet to work with such an understanding and focused group of young people. A special thanks to, Kylie, Jayden, Ava, Luke, Zoe, Marty, McCall, Alaina, Marli, and Sean. You guys are awesome!

May 16, 2013
May 15, 2013

So check this! Back a few months ago my wife and I wrote and directed a spot for Dunder Mifflin Paper for Quill.com. The spot was done for a Tongal contest. We ended up winning 4th place with a $2000 prize which was rad, but the real pay off-

"This commercial will air in the Dunder Mifflin branch cities of Buffalo, Albany, Utica, Scranton, Akron, Camden and Nashua the night on The Office series finale."

That is a quote right from Quill. Yes our ad will be airing during the finale of The Office. Today just got insanely wicked.

Written and Directed by: Mike P. Nelson and Katie Maren Nelson

Talent: Eric Pierson, Cheryl Hoffman, Josh Clos

Shot and Cut by: Mike P. Nelson

Art Direction: Katie Maren Nelsobn

Production Sound: Nick Leisenheimer

Gaffer: Doug Gander

VFX: Josh Clos

Produced by: Katie Maren Nelson, Eric Pierson and Mike P. Nelson

Special thanks to: Joe Dressel, Ben Pawlik, and Richard Reeder

Here is a sweet little article from the Minneapolis Egotist on the spot!

May 7, 2013

Directed and edited this Nosler Defense Ammo commercial with MAKE on a cold December night a few months ago. VFX handled by Aaron Dabelow, Kevin Wisdom, Joe Kim and Danny Robashkin. DP Nick Junkersfeld. Camera Ops Jameson Johnson and Mike P. Nelson. Gaffer Doug Gander.

April 11, 2013

April Snow

Just a glimpse outside my office window. Yes those fonts are there, too.

(photo and design by Mike. P Nelson)

April 10, 2013


A new idea? Perhaps…

-mike p. nelson