Mike P. Nelson works independently and commercially as a director in Minneapolis, MN. Whether he is directing, shooting, editing, or producing; working on a film or putting together a commercial, Mike's focus remains creating imaginative, stylized, story driven work. By night he is a ravenous independent filmmaker churning out the dark, the weird, and the insatiably tasty movie.
Here's a list of stuff Mike thinks (knows) is cool! Old Fashioned Cocktails (made with Rye) ~ 50's and 60's Rock 'n Roll ~ Post Apocalypse ~ Swag Lamps ~ Cats ~ Revenge Movies ~ Sunglasses ~ Records ~ Smoking While Mowing The Lawn ~ Cooking ~ American Graffiti ~ Charles Bronson ~ Camping In Tents ~ Dogs ~ Schlitz ~ VW Buses ~ Drive Ins ~ Monsters ~ 80's Toys ~ Antlers ~ Fonts ~ Halloween and Christmas