November 26, 2012

A while back in a post, I mentioned that I directed a couple spots for at Make. Here is our first one entitled “Kill the Habit” featuring Charles Hubbell as Eric, Kevin Klein as The Interviewer and Aaron Quist as The Monkey.

Creative Director: Danny Robashkin
Writer/Director/Producer/Editor/Sound Design: Mike P. Nelson
DP: Nick Junkersfeld
Production Sound: Tom Colvin
Puppeteers: Justin Weber, Josh Clos, Chang Dai, Alec Mueller
Animators: Andrew Chesworth, Justin Weber, Aaron Quist, Chang Dai, Alec Mueller, Michelle Yoon, Josh Schneider
Assistant Animators: Jordan Hill, Niklas Norman
Compositing/Finishing: Daniel Broadway, Josh Clos
3D artist: Aaron Dabelow